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After reviewing SciTube’s impressive work, I saw it as a way to make our research accessible to non-scientists. The editorial process was professional, creative, and friendly, and the final animation is impressive and clear. I enjoyed working with SciTube and recommend it to others.

Dr. Jiayan Li


I am thrilled to have collaborated with SciTube to produce an outstanding animation that effectively conveys our research findings to a broader audience. Scientific journals, while instrumental in scientific communication among peers, often lack accessibility for those outside specialized fields.

My 7th-grade daughter, who initially found my research perplexing, grasped the intricacies of my work with ease after viewing the animation SciTube created. This revelation instilled in me a profound sense of satisfaction, as I believe inspiring the next generation of scientists is a paramount responsibility.

Presenting our research in concise formats through streaming platforms aligns perfectly with the modern media consumption habits of today’s youth. Science popularization, though crucial, often receives insufficient attention from scientists themselves.

SciTube’s exceptional work has undoubtedly enhanced the public’s understanding of our research and nurtured a deeper appreciation for scientific endeavors. I commend their efforts and encourage their continued contribution to science communication.

Youzhong Guo, Ph.D

VCU, School of Pharmacy

After an initial consultation with James at SciTube to find out if my research would be a good fit for animation, I was convinced of the merits of short, video synopses of full-length scientific publications. I then worked closely with SciTube’s Executive Editor Dr Nelly Berg to produce my animation. The process was smooth, efficient, and creative, with very clear communication throughout. I am very pleased with the final animation. I plan to share the video with my professional network, and will also send it to the journal that published the original paper, to help non-specialists engage with my work.

Douglas S. Levine MD

DSL Consulting, LLC

SciTube provided me with an opportunity to communicate my research paper to coastal managers and non-professionals. I enjoyed working with the SciTube editorial team, and they were easy and efficient to communicate with. I have circulated my animation to a few key colleagues already, and added it to my email signature and ResearchGate page – I hope this will provide a quick and easy way for people to learn more about my studies.

Dr Robin Davidson-Arnott

University of Guelph

I worked with SciTube to spread knowledge of studies with non-traditional participants. The production process went well, with great communication and input from my editor. I will use my animation as promotion material to reach the public who don’t read research papers. I would recommend SciTube to my colleagues.

Dr Julie Karand

University of Delaware

As I progress in my career I’ve increasingly sought ways to extend the reach of my research and also make it more accessible to a broader (i.e. non-academic) audience. So I was thrilled when the SciTube team reached out and asked if I would be interested in having them compose a video for my research. This was a new process for me and I know that many services for academics exist with varying levels of integrity. SciTube has impressed me every step of the way. First, they composed a written narrative; second, a voice specialist provided an audio recording of the narrative; and finally, this narrative was combined with a beautifully animated video depicting my paper’s central arguments. I was invited to provide feedback at each step and my feedback was always incorporated (from slight tweaks to the original narrative to a request for an alternative voice specialist to a couple minor suggestions for the video). Beyond this, however, the customer service was outstanding: My primary contact at SciTube, Nelly, was extraordinarily responsive, professional, and kind (despite my own substantial delays). Needless to say, I am very happy with the final product and will be proud to post the video to my professional website. My gratitude to the entire SciTube team! I hope many others will make use of their services.

Dr Kevin Lewis

University of California San Diego

I decided to work with SciTube as I support new ways of publication, and in many ways this is better an article in a journal. An animation allows intuitive connections and can explain in a few seconds, text that will be understood by a reader only after several sentences or paragraphs. For example, a few animated seconds may need a page of writing as text. In our fast pacing world, time is a valuable resource and saving it by showing an idea quickly is very valuable.

Moreover, a movie attracts people more than a large title using text. When I showed my interactive poster in MODSIM I stepped back from my booth and watched how groups of people came to my booth watching at the movie explaining my work. Even if I was not there the movie itself was a attraction that viewers could relate to and were attracted to.

I enjoyed working with the SciTube team, my editor was great and helpful, and my animator was talented. As a short summary, my animation will promote my studies to a larger public audience as I have already found out. I would be happy to recommend SciTube to my peers.

Dr Jacob Barhak

Independent Computational Disease Modeller

The paper summarised by our SciTube video deals with a choice that consumers make, so it made sense that a video could help to clarify this choice for consumers. I will send the video to local media and to industry groups that could benefit from the transition advocated by the video. I enjoyed my experience working with the SciTube team, and in particular their willingness to listen to our concerns and work with us through as many iterations of the script as required until we were happy. I look forward to our video reaching new audiences and opening doors to venues that I would not have predicted.

James Dyer

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Working with SciTube is a great way to communicate research to a new audience. The professional content works well for social media promotion of your work, and is a great learning resource to introduce students to a new topic.

Dr William Durkan

Maynooth University

I wanted to find a way to spread my scientific results on olive oil, a popular food commodity in my country, to a wider audience compared to the audience of scientific journals. After working with SciTube, the results of our study are now available to olive oil producers. Also, SciTube has helped us with one of our main commitments to our funding agency, in the popularisation of scientific results obtained using their funds.

The SciTube team were very communicative, and their constant support made the production process as easy as possible for me. For these reasons, I would recommend SciTube to my peers.

Dr Ilario Losito

University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Department of Chemistry

I enjoyed working with SciTube, as they transform scientific language into simple ideas, and I particularly enjoyed their synthesis of my research paper. I recommend SciTube to all of my peers who want to communicate their studies in a simple and clear way.

I will disseminate my SciTube on my personal webpage in my institution and research centre. My funding agency will be very pleased because I have communicated my research in a format that can be understood by non-specialists.

Dr Ana Elisa Rato

Universidade de Évora

I decided to work with SciPod after hearing positive recommendations from a colleague.  It seemed that an audiobook was a contemporary new way of spreading my research. The editorial team were excellent to work with and were particularly responsive to any correction requests. I look forward to SciPod’s expertise in disseminating my research through the internet in a way that I’m unfamiliar with, and giving a voice to the outcomes and the participants of my research. All in all, I would recommend SciPod to my peers.

Professor Lynne McCormack

University of Newcastle, Australia.

I worked with SciPod to develop an audiobook that would communicate my research to wider audiences beyond academia. I enjoyed working with the SciPod editorial team and particularly enjoyed their script development and professional audio recording. I would recommend SciPod to my colleagues to help with communication to non-specialist audiences.

David K. Mbote

Kuria Foundation for Social Enterprise

With its wide and varied audience, SciPod provides an excellent venue for scientific work to be disseminated and recognised. I was very impressed with the service SciPod provided and I was particularly impressed with the fast pace of work and accuracy in condensing my research. Through SciPod, my work will reach a much larger and diverse audience rather than a limited group of experts. It will also increase the visibility of my institution and help to solidify the scientific authority of my faculty. I look forward to working with SciPod again in the near future.

Dr Klaudio Peqini

University of Tirana

Creating and disseminating knowledge has long been part of the mission and purpose of academics. For us, the tradition has been to rely on scholarly journal publishers to do the dissemination part. However, with the ascent of social media and digitalization, it became clearer to me that dissemination should include digital platforms. So when I was approached by Science Diffusion to record a ‘SciPod’, I was intrigued and asked my friend and expert in the field if this was worth a try. Based on his encouragement, SciPod created my first audiobook in 2020 and I soon saw the readership of my paper increase. My knowledge was disseminated digitally to a larger portion of society and the conversation enriched. Working was the team at SciPod was the easiest thing! They are very responsive, professional, and flexible. The services they provide are well worth the cost. I have recommended them to other colleagues and just had a third SciPod published with them, about the issue of child labour in global supply chains.

Dr. Bertrand Guillotin

Temple University, USA

I was honoured that SciPod contacted us about one of our recent papers, and I was delighted to work with them. The audiobook they produced will allow lay people and researchers to discover our research. The editorial process with SciPod was very easy and smooth and I look forward publishing our SciPod on our institutional website, and sharing with prospective research students.

Dr. AJ Richards

The College of New Jersey

I found the process with SciPod very easy and appreciate their consistent communication throughout the process.

Dr Samantha Dolan

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The increase in the number of downloads for my PLOS paper indicates that the SciTube campaign has been successful. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team on this project. My work to reconstruct statistics will continue and I will certainly consider SciTube in my next outreach project.

Stanley Luck, PhD

Vector Analytics LLC

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