Meet the team

Nelly Berg | Executive Editor

Nelly achieved her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Galway, Ireland. She then pursued a career in scientific publishing, first working as a Publishing Editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry. In 2016, Nelly joined the team at Science Diffusion, as Editor of Scientia, before becoming Executive Editor of SciTube. Her scientific interests include ecology, green chemistry and sustainable agriculture.

Silver Irukwu | Voiceover Artist

Silver is a voice-over artist and content writer with a BSc in Microbiology and MSc in International Public Health. She has voiced commercials, narrations, and telephone prompts for several businesses, and has written content for many blogs and websites. Her interests include health, music, bioinformatics, and software development.

Mimi Jones | Lead Animator

Mimi has a first-class degree in Visual Communications and specialises in design layout and structure. She boasts 10 years of experience as a scientific design consultant, helping to visually support technical subjects with thought provoking imagery to leave a lasting impression and a greater understanding. Throughout Mimi’s career, she has provided valuable experience to the scientific and education fields in bringing text to life through design and innovation.

Ingrid Fadelli | Writer

Ingrid is a science journalist with a BSc in psychology and an MA in international journalism from City, University of London. She writes for several science and technology publications, including SciPod, Scientia, ITPro, Alphr, Research Features, the E&T Magazine, TechXplore, and MedicalXpress. Her interests include psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Mike Andrews | Outreach Manager

Mike is passionate about science communication because he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about science and its impact on our world. He has over 3 years experience in helping people understand complex scientific concepts in a way that is engaging and accessible. He believes that science communication is essential for building a more informed and engaged public.

Olha Bolukh | Illustrator

Olha is a skilled professional graphic designer and illustrator who weaves magic with her digital brush. She specialises in creating captivating vector and raster illustrations and characters, and her passion for her work is evident in the intricate details and lifelike likenesses of her creations.

Olha has a unique ability to capture the essence of her subjects in a fun and engaging way, whether they are humans, animals, scenery, or objects. Her work is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, leaving a lasting impression on our viewers.

Oliver Jones | Operations and Analytics

After achieving his BA in business management from Staffordshire University, Oliver joined SciPod as operations manager given his interest in science growing up. Quickly realising the interest and growth level in SciTube, and the demand for data and analytics, Oliver developed a new department focussing on business operations and performance analytics. This has helped ensure SciTube not only delivers a great service, but also achieves maximum impact for our clients.

Cheryl Simone | Voiceover Artist

Cheryl Simone is a former radio news anchor and reporter in the United States who now does voiceover work of all kinds. Her work includes audiobooks, video and animation narration, commercials, training modules, and podcasts. Cheryl and her husband Brad are animal rescue advocates and have three pups of their own.

Kerri Agnew | Writer

Kerri holds a PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin, and has worked on a mix of academic research and policy-related projects. She has since been working as a science journalist alongside her postdoctoral research in economics. Her particular research interests include economic geography, applied economics, and spatial data.

Catherine Chalkley | Writer

Catherine holds an MSc in Health Psychology from University of Westminster and has worked in the medical and non-for-profit sectors as an insight specialist. She currently works as a science writer, distilling complex information into interesting articles, podcasts and animations. Her interests include patient experiences, medical treatments/devices, social psychology, and marketing.

Colin Watts | Voiceover Artist

Colin Watts is a narrator with years of experience, working from his purpose-built home studio. He was trained at the BBC as a newsreader, and these days records all types of voiceovers, from audiobooks to e-learning, scientific and technical training modules and AI. His interests include country walks with the dog, golf, and music.

Trystan Carter | Writer

Trystan earned his MSc in Chemistry from the University of Warwick and has experience of both academic research and working in the chemical industry. His interests branch across all aspects of chemical and physical sciences, with a particular draw towards materials, polymers and solid-state chemistry.

Elliot McKernon | Writer

Elliot completed a PhD in pure mathematics at the University of Manchester in 2020, and has since worked as writer and science communicator, covering topics such as machine learning, AI safety, neuroscience, effective altruism, biology, and physics.

James Moore | Outreach Manager

As a biomedical product manager, James has a passion for translating scientific research into commercial products. He has over 15 years experience in managing science-based businesses, from ideation to commercialisation. James is skilled at identifying and assessing market opportunities, developing business plans, and managing teams.

Molly Sandford-Ward | Writer

Molly currently works in the urban planning and regeneration sector, and has a particular interest in accessibility, inclusivity, GIS and affordable housing. She has previously worked in business support and has studied planning, urban design and social anthropology.

Karen Nikon | Writer

Karen holds a PhD in Endocrine Disruption in Fish from Brunel University and has spent much of her career managing data in a variety of research settings. She has been working as a science writer during the past year and her particular research interests include health and medicine, environmental science and data management.

Cassie Huff | Voiceover Artist

Cassie is an enthusiastic reader who grew that passion into a voiceover career. She has narrated multiple novels, voiced characters for a YouTube channel and enjoys rounding out her experience by voicing non-fiction SciPods. With an associate degree in culinary arts, she has always enjoyed the science behind cooking and loves continuously learning.

Charlotte Fidelia | Voice Artist

Charlotte specialises in scientific, medical and educational voice productions. She has a BSc in Physiotherapy from St. George’s, University of London, and is a qualified Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist. She particularly enjoys reading medical journals that discuss exciting breakthroughs in the world of medicine and therapy.

Kelleigh Greene | Writer

Kelleigh earned her MSc in Entomology from Harper Adams University, and was awarded the Royal Entomological Society prize for academic achievement on this degree. She then went on to achieve a PhD in Ecology from the Open University. She has completed courses in Science Communication, and is especially passionate about citizen science, entomology, zoology and pest management.

Imogen Forbes | Writer

Imogen graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics and Philosophy and is currently working as a writer alongside her doctoral research on the use of quantum technologies in fundamental physics. Her research interests include quantum and high-energy physics, quantum computing and technology and the history of science and medicine.

John Connor | Outreach Manager

John is an experienced research manager with a passion for bringing scientific research to life. He has a proven track record of successfully managing complex scientific projects, from conception to completion. John is skilled at working with a variety of stakeholders, including scientists, engineers, and technicians. He is also adept at communicating complex scientific concepts in a clear and concise way.

Anna Pilina | Outreach Manager

Anna is a creative media communication wizard. She’s got years of experience and a knack for thinking outside the box. She’s always coming up with new and innovative ways to communicate complex topics in a way that’s both impactful and engaging. Since joining the team, Anna has introduced a variety of solutions that have improved the user experience. 

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