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This was a new process for me and I know that many services for academics exist with varying levels of integrity. SciTube has impressed me every step of the way. First, they composed a written narrative; second, a voice specialist provided an audio recording of the narrative; and finally, this narrative was combined with a beautifully animated video depicting my paper’s central arguments. Needless to say, I am very happy with the final product and will be proud to post the video to my professional website. My gratitude to the entire SciTube team! I hope many others will make use of their services.

Dr Kevin Lewis

University of California San Diego

I decided to work with SciTube as I support new ways of publication, and in many ways this is better an article in a journal. An animation allows intuitive connections and can explain in a few seconds, text that will be understood by a reader only after several sentences or paragraphs. For example, a few animated seconds may need a page of writing as text. In our fast pacing world, time is a valuable resource and saving it by showing an idea quickly is very valuable.

Dr Jacob Barhak

Independent Computational Disease Modeller

I wanted to find a way to spread my scientific results on olive oil, a popular food commodity in my country, to a wider audience compared to the audience of scientific journals. After working with SciTube, the results of our study are now available to olive oil producers. Also, SciTube has helped us with one of our main commitments to our funding agency, in the popularisation of scientific results obtained using their funds.

Dr Ilario Losito

University of Bari

Working with SciTube is a great way to communicate research to a new audience. The professional content works well for social media promotion of your work, and is a great learning resource to introduce students to a new topic.

Dr William Durkan

Maynooth University

I enjoyed my experience working with the SciTube team, and in particular their willingness to listen to our concerns and work with us through as many iterations of the script as required until we were happy. I look forward to our video reaching new audiences and opening doors to venues that I would not have predicted.

James Dyer

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada